Film Blog Circle – July – Fuji Reala 100 {Nanaimo and Area Portrait Photographer}

*I strayed a bit and used Reala instead of Lomo or Velvia this month because I couldn’t get either of those stocks in a timely manner*

This post documents my first attempt at scanning from home.  NOT an easy task.  However, I wanted to try home scanning because a) shipping costs to my professional lab are horrendous and b) developing and scanning costs for personal work were draining me financially.  Now, I realize that I can never do what the professionals do at the lab.  I mean, what they do is complex and you need to know what you’re doing to make it look decent.  Especially colour!  Anyways, for my boudoir portfolio I will always send my film to my lab and have them work their magic.  I don’t think I did terrible for a first time, but I noticed my results are pretty varied throughout the roll.  Now, I’m not sure if that is because I shot in shade and then moved to sun or if I just need more finesses with the tweaking, but it’ll do for now!  Also, scanning 1 10 frame roll takes a.long.time.  Like, I need to go to bed before my eyes fall out long.

Enter “Sunny Day with Two of Them in the Yard”.






img042 2



Film Stock – Fuji Reala 100

Dev : Local Lab

Scanned : by me

Check out Kami’s work this month with some Lomo film!

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